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AUDIO: Dr. Maoshing Ni - How Can Women Activate Their Body’s Rejuvenating Power?

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My wife and I, we had this conversation just this morning: why should women trade their morning cup of coffee, Dr. Mao, for green tea?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
Well, if you are going to drink something, all right, then you might as well drink something that’s going to be good for you. And green tea has all the benefits such as it being filled with antioxidants, all right. The polyphenols are rich in green tea, which has been shown to help to reduce your risk for certain cancers and lower your cholesterol level, and at the same time the theanine in green tea will also give you a boost in your brain functions.

So there’s many absolutely beneficial properties for green tea. Now coffee, on the other hand, has some antioxidants as well. So we have to give some credit to coffee, but the problem with coffee is that it’s much higher in caffeine, so it’s going to interfere with someone’s neurological system. If they have trouble sleeping at night, that’s going to interfere it, and it will increase blood pressure if drunk in excess amounts. And at the same time, it may also leech calcium from your bones because as its diuretic function it can take the calcium out of the system, and we are talking about people who are drinking more than two or three cups a day.

As I was reading your book, my wife Wendy and I spend a lot of time just having conversations, and she’ll say, “Oh, make sure you ask Dr. Mao this question…”, which is like stuff right out of your book is just so deep with information, Second Spring. Dr. Mao, how does the health of your kidneys and heart contribute to a healthy brain?

Dr. Maoshing Ni:
Excellent question. Well, first of all, if you look at the heart, the circulation, so that’s it’s main function is to pump all the oxygen nutrients into the brain and waste product out of the brain – very important, so that’s obvious. It’s not so obvious to people when we talk about kidney and its relationship to the brain.

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