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AUDIO: Dr. Marty Klein - What Should I Do When My Mother-In-Law Is Bossy?

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So, the first step on this is to talk to your mate and explain, “Look, we have a problem.” And if your mate is not unhappy with the way that their mother is dealing with you, but you are, then your mate has a problem too.

So, if you feel like your mother-in-law is bossy and sticking her nose into your business too much, you go to your mate and you say, “Listen, we have a problem, what are we going to do?” And don’t have your mate run interference for you--no, no, no. You don’t want to be some little victim hiding in a corner. This is something that the couple needs to do together. Talk to the mother-in-law and not just push her away but say, “We invite you to be close to us in these ways and we set our boundaries in those ways,” and that’s language that most people can understand.

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