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Dr. Roger Gould

Roger Gould, M.D., a psychiatrist in practice for over 35 years. He is a pioneer in delivering therapy online. He has devoted a great deal of his professional life to offering the same quality of care he gives his patients in Los Angeles and New York to anyone who needs it, at a price they can afford, on the internet.

He received his medical degree at Northwestern University in Chicago where he was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical honors society. Following his training in psychiatry at UCLA he became the head of community and outpatient psychiatry at the Neuropsychiatric Institute.

The Smithsonian Institute, Psychology Today, Kaiser Permanente and UCLA have all recognized his contributions in this delivery method. In a study conducted by UCLA it was reported that, "Patients who used software developed by psychiatrist Roger Gould to help people confront their underlying problems - showed significant improvement and reported a high level of satisfaction with the treatment."

Dr. Gould founded www.shrinkyourself.com. In the program, Dr. Gould uncovers the missing link between gaining weight and emotional issues by providing crucial information that allows people to break the cycle of binging and/or emotional eating once and for all. His work has helped thousands of people who've struggled with their weight recover their power over food, and re-establish a healthy grasp over all areas of their lives.

His work has been featured on national television (ABC, CBS and FOX) and covered in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Bariatric Times, Prevention, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, MedHelp and MSN Health. He is the author of two books, Transformations and Shrink Yourself and has contributed to many textbooks and medical journals.