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Holly Winters

I graduated from Michigan State University with a teaching degree and a passion for leading others into lives rich in joy and enlightenment. I believe in encouraging students of all ages to become life-long learners; community minded individuals with strong commitments to sustainable personal and team success. Combining research with experience, I created the “Coach Approach” to teaching. Introducing the Twelve Strategies into my classrooms and coaching relationships creates the vehicle for permanent, dynamic and quick new thinking. Students, teachers, and clients rapidly move from where they are to where they want to be.

My passions reflect my own dedication to life-long learning, risk-taking, intergenerational investigation, and creativity. I’ve taught in public education for twenty seven years, held positions at Colorado State University, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, owned a jewelry company, and I am certified as a life coach. Additionally, I am a certified trainer for Stephen Glenn’s Developing Capable People and for the Crucial Conversations personal development programs. My most cherished achievements include being a wife, mother, and grandmother, and that focus keeps me dedicated to living life to its fullest. My vision is that life-long learning be sustained for generations to come.

As a Life Coach, I have woven the Falling Awake® Twelve Strategies into a dynamic method of personal coaching.

* The Twelve Strategies Determine What You Want
* Tell the Truth
* Listen Fully
* Change Your Habits
* Focus
* Take Responsibility
* Persist
* Choose Your Conversations
* Move Toward Love
* Lighten Your Load
* Contribution
* Celebration