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Jennifer Wider, M.D.

Jennifer Wider, M.D., is a medical advisor for the Society for Women’s Health Research, a Washington, D.C., based advocacy organization that works to improve women’s health through research, education and advocacy.

Wider is editor of “The Savvy Woman Patient: How and Why Sex Differences Affect Your Health,” an accessible and comprehensive guide to health problems and treatments unique to women of all ages, from child-bearing to care-giving and empty nest years.

Wider is a graduate of Princeton University and received her medical degree in 1999 from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Wider is frequently published in newspapers, magazines and Web sites, and has been a guest on the Today Show, CBS News, Fox News, Good Day NY and variety of cable channels. She hosts a weekly segment on Sirius Satellite Radio called, “Paging Dr. Wider,” for Cosmopolitan Magazine's radio channel. Wider is a past managing editor of the health channel at iVillage.com. For the Society, she writes a twice monthly news service article and is author of a booklet for consumers: “Just the Facts: What Women Need to Know about Sex Differences in Health.” She is also author of the book “The Doctor's Complete College Girls’ Health Guide: From Sex to Drugs to the Freshman Fifteen.”

Wider's Topics of Expertise for Interviews, Lectures and Presentations:

• Women and sleep: Recent sleep medication warnings and how sleep problems affect women more often than men. Tips on how to get a better nights sleep.
• Skin cancer (a summer and year-round concern): Incidence of melanoma in young women and the hidden dangers of tanning salons. Tips for taking care of skin and avoiding sun exposure.
• A big year for women’s health: HPV vaccine and emergency contraception OTC.
• A healthy pregnancy: Discussion of key nutrients and foods to avoid while you're pregnant. Also debunking myths: what's safe and what's not. (nail polish, hair dye, wine, sushi, etc...)
• Women and alcohol: Alcohol affects women and men differently; women are at greater risk of negative effects; and binge drinking is WAY UP on college campuses.
• Diet and nutrition: Dangers of low-carbohydrate diets, including unique health risks for women; and the rise of bone thinning among young women due to nutritional deficiencies.
• Sex after giving birth: The physical and mental roadblocks women can encounter after childbirth.
• The top 10 things your child needs to know… before they leave for college; health and safety tips for an ever changing world.
• Foods and other lifestyle choices… that may increase your risk of cancer and other diseases.
• The top five medical tests … that could save a woman’s life.
• Sexually transmitted infections: They’re on the rise in young women; the importance of detecting infections, even if the symptoms are silent.
• The sexualization of young women: Cultural and media influences and how other factors can affect body and self image in girls and young women.
• The HPV vaccine: A new method to help prevent cervical cancer; who should receive it?
• Breast cancer: Debunking common myths about this form of cancer.
• Eating disorders: How do you spot signs of eating disorders in your daughter?

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“The Savvy Woman Patient: How and Why Sex Differences Affect Your Health”

“The Doctor's Complete College Girls' Health Guide: From Sex to Drugs to the Freshman Fifteen”

For more information or to arrange interviews, contact: Karen Young, Society for Women’s Health Research Media Relations Coordinator, 202-496-5001 or [email protected]