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Treating Psoriasis: 6 Important Reasons to See Your Dermatologist

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Treating Psoriasis: 6 Important Reasons to See Your Dermatologist iStock
Your dermatologist may recommend a new treatment altogether, such as a biologic. Or they may suggest adding another cream or ointment to your regular routine. Other treatment alternatives include stress-reducing activities, cold showers, and getting moderate sunlight exposure or phototherapy.

3. You're saying 'no' to social events because of your condition.

Although psoriasis is a skin condition, there's also a psychological component to it. It's common for people with psoriasis to have negative thoughts about their appearance. These thoughts can trigger shifts in mood and behavior. Anxiety or nervousness about your condition can make going out in public and even socializing with close friends difficult.

If you feel like your psoriasis is controlling your social calendar, make an appointment with your dermatologist. They can suggest ways to improve your self-confidence, such as the best clothes to wear or makeup tips to help conceal your symptoms. They may also refer you to another specialist, such as a therapist to help you better cope with your condition.

4. You're planning to go on a vacation.

The current TSA flying standards prohibit liquids, gels, and aerosols larger than 3.4 ounces in your carry-on luggage. Any liquid must also fit in 1 quart-sized zip-top bag. While this restriction isn't disastrous for most people, it can be for those with psoriasis. Topical creams often come in larger sizes, and you'll likely want to reapply medicated lotion during the flight because of the aircraft's dry air.

Before traveling, get a letter from your doctor or print out a copy of your prescription to show to any TSA officer.

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