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I have been in two terrible auto accidents. First in 1984 broke both femur and right knee, lot of facial issues. I was in traction for 2 1/2 months and to learn to walk. Second in 1991 broke my left femur in the same place, my neck, right knee again and crushd my right ankle. I had relearn to walk again. I had my right knee replace in 2006 and decided since I was in so much pain with right ankle to have fuson Jan 2013. I was not allowed to put weight on it for 3 months. I had PT to strength my arms and other leg. When I was allowed to put weight on my foot I started having pain in the bottom of my heel, I was diagnosed with planters faciets (sp). I was in pain whenever I put weight on my foot. They made a brace for my foot and ankle and I was still having pain. I have tried tins untis still pain. In October 2014 I have a new theripst he has been manually working with my foot and feels the tendons on th outside of my foot are being pushed up, he streches and pulls them down but when I put the brace on they go right back to the former position. We corrected the planters faciets (sp) by having an arch put in the brace. My ankle want to turn in and the brace holds it in that position. Is this normal to be in this much pain after an ankle fusion and what can help me.

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St Albans, WV US


What coesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I have went through this through both accidents

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