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AKGVG & Associates is the marquee organization excelling in providing immaculate professional services in taxation, auditing, business advisory services, transaction advisory, GST related services and much more. Organized approach and knowledge management is our biggest strength that has helped us expand our reach. The field of business trade and commerce banks upon upright professional services due to the sensitive nature of the data. That’s where we come in. At AKGVG, we have over 250 handpicked professionals undertaking the job of executing trade and commerce activities since 2002, the year AKGVG heralded on a mission to be the best in the industry. As Chartered Accountants Associates, we exhibit our excellence and growth by serving to our diversified portfolios comprised of banking, e-commerce startups, agriculture, infrastructure, insurance, media and entertainment. It is this credibility that we serve to our clients based out of cities like Gurugram, Ahemddabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

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