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"Mother, the daughter is good-looking, so how to dress up all good-looking!" Ning Wan is not boasting, Mrs. Zhao to choose a daughter-in-law must first be beautiful, so take out to have face, and then several daughters-in-law of the Zhao family are beautiful, but she is the most beautiful. < strong > txt e-book download Http://www.80txt.com/ Of course, because of her beauty, she also encountered several very bad things. Several people, including her uncle and brother-in-law, had thoughts about her that they shouldn't have. At that time, it was really embarrassing and embarrassing. It was not easy to tell Mrs. Zhao. So sometimes she feels that beauty is not a good thing. However, people are contradictory, obviously feel that beauty is nothing good, but Ning Wan looked at himself in the mirror more handsome, the heart is still involuntarily happy. He was still smiling when he walked out of the house. Ning Liang led a donkey over, "Waner, you ride a donkey, be careful to get your skirt dirty." Today, I only sent New Year's gifts to Hutai County, and the things were not very heavy, so Ning Liang was free to sit on his daughter. Ning Wan stepped up, then Niang came out and covered her legs with a small quilt. "It's cold outside. Don't sit too long." In this way, Ning Wan rode out of the house on the donkey's back with a small flower quilt. She thought to herself, "I must buy two hand stoves when I go to Hutai County this time. In that case,side impact beams, I will buy some charcoal." Although a lot of things have been added to the house, such things as hand stoves are still not remembered because they are not used. In the winter of Liaodong, although the sun had risen high and red, it did not spread much heat to the earth. Although Ning Wan was wearing thick clothes and covered with a small quilt, she still felt that the north wind was going to blow her through after walking for more than half an hour. She called out, "Dad, stop!" He jumped off the donkey. "I'll go with you." Walking for a while, the body became hot, but Ning Wan did not return to the donkey's back, "although a little tired,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but still walk well." When they arrived in Hutai County, they went to a wonton shop and asked for two bowls of hot wontons. They were warm all over, and then they went to several places such as the tower to send New Year's gifts. Turned a circle out of the city, but walked to the old house of the Lu family, although Ning Wan knew the general location, but after all, did not go, so all the way and asked a few people to find the past. From a distance, there was no one in front of Lu's house, and Ning Wan breathed a sigh of relief. Before she came, she was worried that Lu would go back to the old house for the Spring Festival. She was not afraid to see Lu in command, but then she would have to "know" that Master Lu was the son of Lu in command. She felt that Master Lu did not seem to want to tell others, and she did not want to "know". The old house of the Lu family looked very ordinary from the outside, almost mixed with several rows of houses around it, with the same green brick walls, the same black gate, and the black paint on the two knockers had long been mottled, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Tubes, and Ning Wan felt cool in her hands. She knocked at the door and immediately heard a fierce dog barking, which frightened her almost to turn around and run. Ning Liang also heard the dog barking some fear, and a long time no one came to answer the door, said: "This dog only listen to scary, or we go." Ning Wan said, "Now that you're here, let's wait a little longer." And he knocked at the door with the hoop. At last an old woman's voice came out. "Is someone coming?" Listening to the inside seems not quite sure, Ning Wan hurriedly loudly said: "Yes, we come to pay New Year's greetings to Mrs. Wu." The door opened from the inside, and a gray-haired old woman looked doubtfully at Ning's father and daughter. "Who are you?" Ning Wan smiled and said, "We are from the Ning family in Sanjia Village. Master Lu once helped our family a lot. Our whole family is very grateful to him.". I'm here today to pay New Year's greetings to Mrs. Wu. When the old woman heard the name of Master Lu, some smiles appeared on her face. "So it's someone our young master knows!"! Come on in. Said to let them into the door of the inverted seat, and see Ning Wan has been looking at two barking dogs, comfort them, "that is our young master, has been tied up during the day, only at night to release, do not be afraid.".
You sit down first, and I'll tell my wife that we have guests. Ning's father and daughter sat down on the first two chairs and looked at the room while the old woman left. It was obviously a special place to entertain guests. There was no pan Kang. In the middle of it, there was a black lacquer wood table, a pair of bronze tripods on it, and a picture of a tiger coming down the mountain on the wall behind it. The wide chairs on both sides were covered with tiger skins, and the tail of the tiger was hanging behind the chair. The head of the tiger is placed on the foot of the foot, very powerful. From these two chairs down, there were two rows of wooden chairs, which were covered with grey rabbit skins, and the pedals below were empty. Ning Wan has a lot of knowledge, but the two pieces of tiger skin is still very curious, although the Zhao family has a lot of mink, wolf skin, lynx skin, sheepskin, rabbit skin, she also has dozens of fur clothes, but there is no tiger skin, so he touched the front of the body, and then sat on the tiger skin, two feet on the head of the tiger, and beckoned to his father, "The original tiger seat is like this." Dad, come and try it! "We are not good to sit in disorder," Ning Liang said, but also can not help but come forward to touch, but hurriedly returned to the seat, "Waner hurriedly come back, a while to let the Lu family see not a joke?" The courtyard of the Lu family is not big, and unlike the Zhao family, which has a second house, it is actually similar to the Ning family, but the house is made of bricks and is taller. But if you want to wait until Mrs. Wu sees her family, I'm afraid it won't be so fast. Ning Wan shook her head and returned to her seat, because there was nothing to see in the room except two tiger skins. And although the room was very clean and tidy, it was very cold, and it was obvious that no one had used it for a long time. After a while, the old woman came back, but brought a charcoal basin over,impact beam tubes, put it at Ning Liang's feet, and brought him a bowl of hot tea. "Our wife is here at the moment. My old man also went to the county town to buy things. He also asked the guests to sit alone for a while. I'll take the girl to see our wife." Mrs. Wu did not see the male guest, which was also expected. Ning Wan nodded to her father and got up to follow the old woman into the main room. cbiesautomotive.com

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