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Amanda Ann

I am 51 years old. My whole life my mom, who is my life's best friend would tell me "You was supposed to be a girl" and I full heartedly agree. I have been feeling and dressing as a woman my entire life. I've had many relationships and have been married twice but nothing has ever strayed me from my feminine side. My first wife and my current neighbors, who have seen me in dress over the last couple of years and are less than impressed, and a weekend at a gay resort in Orlando are the only times in my life I have truly felt free to be me. I was raised Southern Baptist, so the guilt of it all and the FEAR are tremendous! I know in my heart of hearts that I am a woman but I fear that if I were to free the true me that my house of cards would crumple, especially on the employment front.

Amanda Ann
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The song with the line "I have to be me"!

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