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I've just turned 70, sounds strange since I've never thought of myself in terms of age, only in terms of wellness. Anyway, I've had self-diagnosed, which I trust, pelvic floor disorder with muscle crampling and can't pee usually in the middle of the night, and surgeon diagnosed interstitial cystitis, and self-diagnosed, which I trust, vulvodynia or vistibulodynia - still figuring that out. No doctors in my area know what I'm talking about and I come to the web to get the best insight from other sufferers. I've been managing interstitial cystitis by myself for about 5 years and recently started having pfd issues. The latest issue which is so-o-o-o painful is the burning pain I've been experiencing along the vulva, vestibule and internally in the rectum (with swollen tissue and burning); I thought the rectal burning and swelling was, oh shit, hemorrhoids, but I think it's not that simple. I think it's all a nerve ending burning issue. I just started buspirone for depression and stress (husband seriously injured as passenger in a vehicle that hit a tree). I think the buspirone is the problem. I also started Trazadone for sleep and that might be a problem, too. Wondering if anyone has similar drug issues?? Of course, I want to stop the buspirone. In the past 3 months I've tried and stopped Zoloft, Ativan, Paxil, and more I can't remember. I think the issue is the drugs but I'm also quite depressed and overwhelmed with latest home challenges. So, that's where I am now and am looking for insight and personal success and pain stories to figure out how to formulate my way forward with regards to the burning skin surface and the pain that radiates down my legs into my calves and across the base of my feet. btw, for cystitis and burning urine I always spray my vaginal area from front to back while peeing with baking soda water that I mix at home. Then I wipe with either cotton swabs or those facial circle cleanser wipes. I was using straight Vaseline to combat dry vaginal area skin but I think it made things either worse or at least not better. Now I'm using coconut oil that I warm in my hands until it melts then I smoothe a small amount of that on the surface. I do not wear underwear hardly ever, and no tight pants of any kind. Also, these days I NEVER leave home in the car if I'm going further than 10 miles, without a soft ice pack fresh from the frig, wrapped in a thin towel or piece of t-shirt to sit on. That's it for now, I guess. Annie17

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