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Asta Speicyte Radzeviciene

My daughter was born 2008 on 26 weeks of gestation and she weighted 960 grams.
That's why I am who I am today - founder and president of Lithuanian premature baby association "Neisnesiotukas".
Our mission is to help and support families with infants born prematurely or
critically ill through education, outreach and one-on-one parent support.

Our non-profit association of Premature babies solicit companies in the hope of obtaining much needed funding to accomplish our mission and help others. Businesses can build stronger relationships with your stakeholders through your charitable endeavors. Helping others while helping yourself can lead businesses to bigger profits. To become our financial partner, sponsor or patron lets talk.

Every year 6% of new born babies In Lithuania are born prematurely. It is about 2000 babies every year. Small country but it's a huge number for us. Premature baby is born 22 - 37 weeks of gestational age.
Lithuanian smallest surviving baby was only 450 grams, while the lowest gestational age of the baby was born just 22 weeks.
Honor the more than 1 million babies worldwide who died this year because they were born too soon, and the 15 million more who struggle to survive. November 17 is World Prematurity Day and when we focus everyone’s attention on the serious problem of premature birth.

Asta Speicyte Radzeviciene
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Asta Speicyte Radzeviciene



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