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Benedict Morelli is a considered among many as a “lawyer’s lawyer”. For a man who started out his career as a law clerk in 1973, he has since carved a considerable name for himself in the field of law. Morelli Law Firm is a practice that is recommended to clients from both law firms and judges. Many of the cases that the firm handles are actually for other law firms or lawyers who have seen first-hand the success that Morelli had with his past cases, and who know that they will certainly get the greatest representation from him.

Morelli started out with a degree from City College, New York and first studied the practice of law at New York Law School. He is admitted to the United States Supreme Court as well as the United States District Courts. He is well known for fighting against large companies and corporations that many other law firms would not be able to handle. The drug companies DES, Ortho-Evra, and Avandia are among the companies he has gone up against and won. Not only does he take them on, Morelli wins verdicts in the amount of millions of dollars. For example, his $40 million dollar verdict in 1995 was a part of the National Law Journal as one of the “Top Ten Verdicts”.

Morelli is considered one of New York’s “Superstars” according to the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and has also been listed in Best Lawyers in America on a continuous basis from 1997 to the present. Morelli has also appeared as a guest on many different television shows, including “Anderson Cooper 360”, “Dateline NBC”, “Aaron Brown”, “The Today Show”, and “Good Morning America.”

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Benedict Morelli has been in the field of law since 1973 when he began his career as a law clerk. After he was admitted to the New York State Bar, he went on to become a partner of the firm in 1981, and then moved up the ladder to senior partner in 1990. By 1998, he had dissolved the firm to start his own, Morelli Law Firm, and has since handled very high profile and lucrative cases. Morelli has over 35 years of trying cases and has won multi-million dollar verdicts for many of them. One of his most popular cases was featured as one of the “Top Ten Verdicts” in the National Law Journal, concerning a case that won $40 million dollars in 1995. In 2011, Morelli was the lead counsel for a sexual harassment trial and was awarded a $95 million dollar verdict, which is still the largest verdict of its kind in the history of the United States. More than half of the cases that come through the law firm are ones from other lawyers or law firms who have chosen Morelli because of his amazing record of accomplishment over the years. Not only do other law firms recommend his service, so do numerous judges that have seen him in action in the courtroom. Morelli has been continuously listed since 1997 to the present in Best Lawyers of America and has been named one of New York’s “Superstars” by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. Morelli was also nominated as a participant of the steering committee of the MDL concerning the ongoing Avandia drug litigation. He was also hand-picked as lead trial counsel for one of the first two cases that were tried in the Eastern District Federal Court of Philadelphia.

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