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She is a techie person. She loves techonology more than anything. She knows how technology can enhance the lives of the people. The advantages that it can brought are almost endless as long as people learn how to use it in the right way. As an internet marketer for draw-something-online, she has learn how can technology change people's way of life. Online gaming has basically becomes a new form of recreation for some.

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Draw something is an online portal game that is a famous game application among iPhones, iPads and other android gadgets. This is an online guessing game that can be played using a network. Meaning, players can have the power to play draw something and interact with each other through chat. Gaining online friends is one of the major benefit of this game. For the mechanics, one player will draw a certain image and the others will try to guess it. Three points will be given for the first person who can correctly guess the word and two points for the next. The clock will then start ticking for five seconds as a chance for other players to also guess the word. Those who can get the right answer will garnered one point each. Draw something online can also be a perfect tool for those who wanted to learn how to draw.

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