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Back in 2007 I was hospitalized for meningitis. after that bout I never fully recovered, my memory and brain functions were significantly different. In May of 2010 both my feet went numb, and I thought it was due to back problems, so I can take you to work and saw chiropractors. at this time I started the process of trying to see a neurologist. In May of 2011 I lost vision in both my eyes. At that point I was diagnosed with MS and was given steroid injections. Nothing seems to help and I was experiencing tremors and electrical pains in my legs and blindness, headaches, pressure in my head.. I felt so alone and lost especially since I was blind so I wasn't able to do any of my own research. And my family and friends were busy with their own lives to help me.. Finally my family came around and started to help me with research.. I kept having flares after flares after flares until finally I was diagnosed with nmo. I still have problems with my vision but some has returned, not enough to wear I can see good and I use my phone 2 talk over and communicate over the Internet. I use samsung galaxy 3 and this seems to be the best choice for me as I have used the iPhone I much prefer the Samsung that helps me with my visual impairment.. I was on a bunch of crazy medications that made me very sick and ill, I thought I was going to die and was hospitalized 6 times in 9 months.. I finally was approved to take ritu in. and I feel this has saved my life.. It is very hard for me to communicate on the internet because of my visual impairment but I have been getting better at it.. I have not had any support group help as I just recently been able to get online again.. I hope this helps and I look forward two talking with others.. I have not given up on life and have started working on recording music and riding my own songs.. And that seems to really help me.. God and my family along with my music has been my salvation.. I also think that the quick diligence of my neurologist saved me and for that I am grateful..

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Everyday is a gift from God.. Good or bad you just have to find the good..

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