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Amazing colour magic lips shine,color your lips glamorously.You have already tried all the tricks, but you still can't keep your lip colour in place. Here are some pro tricks that you probably have not heard before.

Use the same brand of lip liner as your lipstick. Each brand has a unique formulation of bases and colourants that are consistent between products. Using two different brands can lead to product incompatibility. Lip liners offer also you versatility of the final outcome of your product. For instance, if you use a nude liner with a red, you get a muted, softer tone than you would with a red liner.

Don't use a lip brush. Use your lip colour straight from the tube. You generally see make-up artists using lip brushes, because it is the only hygenic way to apply lipstick from the same tube to multiple people. You can sanitize the brush, not the tube of lipstick! You will get greater deposit of colour if you use it straight from the tube, and your application time is much quicker. If your lipstick takes on a distorted shape, take a piece of picture hanging wire and slice it into a slant. (knives are too thick).

Watch out for lip plumpers! These are fabulous for juicy, full lips, but most of them eat up the colourant in lipstick. Look for lip plumpers that are already coloured.

Try a lip stain. Lip stains are perfect for a suggestion of colour. They enhance the natural colour of the lips and dry to a matte finish. They are perfect for all-day stay, but they can have a drying effect. To rehydrate, use a lip treatment that is natural based at night time.
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