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Inside the temple, there are many monks, lined up in several lines, surrounded by many tables and chairs, for some monks who come here to trade to rest. Lin Tian lined up in a line, and between his robes, there were thumb-sized pills in his right hand, which he hid in his sleeve. One after another, they were shattered by Zhenyuan, turned into gas, and quickly merged into the air. Time passed, and soon, half an hour passed. Soon, the monks in front of them completed their respective transactions, and it was Lin Tian's turn. Excuse me, what do you need? In front of the counter, a middle-aged man of the Bai family asked. Seeing Lin Tianfu under his robe, the middle-aged man did not have any reaction. After all, he had seen many such people. I want to see the person in charge here. Lin Tiandao. The middle-aged man frowned. "What's the matter with you?"? It's the same as I said. "I have traces of Lin Tian. I need to talk to the person in charge here. I'll stay for a quarter of an hour at most." Lin Tiandao. The middle-aged man's face changed and he whispered, "Wait a minute." The middle-aged man walked quickly to the cabinet. A few days ago, the three big shots of the white family personally ordered to kill Lin Tian, then, the white family has a lot of clansmen but died in the hands of Lin Tian, this is caused by the white family anger,push button toilet flush valve, now, the strong people of the white outside, all want to kill Lin Tian and then quickly, but unfortunately lost the trace of Lin Tian. Now, someone comes with the trace of Lin Tian, which is an important thing. After about a dozen breaths, he returned in middle age, followed by an old man with a ruddy complexion and a strong breath. This friend, do you have any trace of Lin Tian? Bai Mingxu is dealing with some matters in the cabinet,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, listening to the middle-aged man mentioned that someone came with the news of Lin Tian, is immediately put down the matter in hand, with the middle-aged man came out. Kill Lin Tian, this is the beginning of the family's three big shots under the order, you can imagine how important, Bai Mingxu naturally will not neglect. Lin Tian looked at Bai Mingxu: "Are you the person in charge here?" "Yes." Bai Mingxu said. Are you the strongest in this place? Lin Tian continued. Bai Mingxu frowned and said, "Yes." After a pause, Bai Mingxu said in a deep voice, "Is there really a trace of Lin Tian, my friend?"? If it is true, please tell me that my Bai family will naturally give you a suitable price, which will certainly satisfy you. "The right price?"? Of course, the heads of all the white people in your stronghold should be quite suitable. Lin Tian made a sound. As soon as the words came out, Bai Mingxu and the middle-aged man beside him suddenly sank their faces. You tricked us! Bai Mingxu's face suddenly turned cold. Where. Lin Tian lifted his gray robe to reveal his true face. "Look, do I look like I'm playing tricks on you?"? Are you satisfied with this trace? Bai Mingxu and the middle-aged man suddenly changed their faces. It's you! "You have a lot of nerve!"! Sure enough, as the rumor goes! Bai Mingxu said in a cold voice. At this time, the other monks in the temple also recognized Lin Tian, Self-closing Faucet ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and all of them changed color. It's really that Lin Tian! "This.." The younger generation of the Bai family is chasing him everywhere, searching for his whereabouts, and he actually came here?! "Isn't this a death wish?!" A crowd of people stared. This place is a small stronghold outside the ancient white family, there are many strong people living in it, the worst is to know the sea eight days, the person in charge is the peak of the imperial sky, at this moment, Lin Tian actually came here alone, which makes most of the monks stunned, almost petrified on the spot, how can there be such a silly and crazy person? The sound sounded, the figure in the hall swayed, and soon there were dozens of strong people surrounding Lin Tian. These people are all powerful clansmen placed here by the Bai family. There are thirty-seven people, ten of whom are at the level of the imperial sky, and twenty-seven of whom are in the realm of knowing the sea. All of them are very energetic, and they are very powerful at a glance. Dear friends, please do what you have done before. Don't worry about it. My Bai family will soon suppress this thief. Bai Mingxu said. As the head of a small stronghold of the ancient family, Bai Mingxu has full confidence. Words fall, suddenly there is a strong white family rushed to Lin Tian, in the peak of knowledge of the sea. Lin Tian raised his hand and slapped the man directly, tearing him apart and dyeing the floor of the hall red with blood.
"Smash a monk who knows the peak of the sea with one hand?" What kind of body is this?! Can't the dragon be reincarnated?! "Terrible physique!" I have palpitations. Just then, as soon as Lin Tianyi waved his hand, a gust of sword wind rolled over and completely closed the door of the White House. In the face of the Bai family, he appeared calm, calm, or strong: "Friends, please do what you have done before, don't care, I come here, only for the Bai family, and the people who have nothing to do with the White family, just watch quietly." Listening to such words, all the monks were in a daze, only to feel that Lin Tian was crazy. Alone to the white family stronghold, in the face of the white family dozens of strong, in the face of a royal peak strong, unexpectedly said such words? Even if these people have seen Lin Tian's powerful body, but listening to this, they also feel that Lin Tian is really too arrogant. Yellow mouth child, cut off for me! Bai Mingxu smiled angrily. Words fall, all around, a white monk Qi Qi toward Lin Tian pressure. The next moment, however, someone changed color and exclaimed, "What's going on?!"! Where's my real dollar? I can't move! "So is mine!" "Damn it, I can't use my martial arts, and I can't use my magical powers!" "What happened?" The faces of all the members of the Bai family changed. Bai Mingxu is moved, the idea moves, the body surface gives birth to the faint ray of light, then is the discoloration. At this moment, his true yuan can flow, but it is extremely chaotic, but also can not display magic,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, even martial arts are difficult to display. At the same time, the other monks let out a cry of surprise, and almost all of them felt that their true yuan had been solidified. What's wrong Someone panicked. Bai Mingxu stared at Lin Tian with a livid face: "It's you!"! What did you do!? 。 cnkexin.com

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