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I am 42 and suffer from migraine headaches since I have been in kindergarten was diagnosed at age 27 with them. I seem to have them for no reason at all. Then I also suffer from exection migraines making it hard to loose weight. When my body temperature reaches a certain temperature I get a migraine headache that knockes me out. I have planter facheitis and bone spurs to top it off. I now just got diangnised with arthritis in my knees to where I need injections every three months to help me be pain free first ones did not take. Did to much walking so ruined it. I have arthitis in my neck also. Have had right rotator cuff surgery which I am still feeling today but for the most part is better.I am now going through menapause but still have the monthly periods. Just semi irregular at times.

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Susan Appleberg


Woodstock, IL 60098 United States


May 20

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