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I am healthy... as I always was. I am David Lichtenstein and this is my page.
So, you might be asking yourselves who is this David Lichtenstein and what do I know about him. That is why I am here, to explain myself and to find some friends along this process.
I was born in Chicago, where I spent most of my childhood and early adulthood. I have always wanted to become a proper Hollywood level actor and I can say that I have reached this status with the movie "Dallas Buyers Club". I am honestly not a bad actor, cause I used to perform in various theaters before my acting career as a movie actor even took off.
I lived for a short time in LA, but fate brought me home to Chicago where I met my soon to be wife. My life is more full of happy moments now, as I don't have the time to spend all my energy in acting or chasing auditions. Currently I am working as a advertisement producer and writer.

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Joliet, IL United States


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