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Dr. Pankaj Vashi

Drawn to the philosophy of integrative and personalized patient care championed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Dr. Pankaj Vashi left his large hospital employer in 1992 to join the gastroenterology team at CTCA at Midwestern Regional Medical Center. He has never looked back.

A year after joining CTCA, Dr. Vashi founded the Nutrition and Metabolic Support Team to address the often-overlooked malnutrition and weight loss of people living with cancer. He continues to serve as the team’s Medical Director, actively leading his staff in their efforts to balance the complex nutritional needs of cancer patients.

Dr. Vashi’s clinical background spans two continents. He earned a medical degree from the University of Bombay. He then went on to complete two residencies at Bombay’s Goa Medical College, and subsequently at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. He also completed a fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Vashi is board certified by the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He has spoken widely about the critical role of metabolic support in oncology care. Everyday he brings this passion to his position as the National Clinical Director of Gastroenterology/Nutrition and Metabolic Support for CTCA.

Dr. Pankaj Vashi


Pankaj Vashi, MD Gastroenterologist and National Clinical Director of Gastroenterology/Nutrition and Metabolic Support

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