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If you are seeking handmade guitars of the highest quality, you must check out Echopark Guitars today! Founder and owner Gabriel Currie, who started crafting guitars at age 12, apprenticed under Leo Fender from whom he learned how the quality of guitars is driven by the quality of the wood from which they are made. He has a passion for wood and is highly knowledgeable on the optimal types of wood for the best tonal quality. Echopark Guitars recently partnered with Integrity Building Group to create a limited number of guitars made from old growth pine recovered from the bottom of Muskegon Lake. The dense timber, dating back to the 1700’s, came from the Hackley-Hume Lumber Mill operating on the lake in the 1800’s. The guitars produced from this rare, high-quality wood have a resonance not found in modern, new growth pine. Due to the limited nature of this timber, there will be a limited supply of these unique guitars. Contact Echopark Guitars to learn more today!

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