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Eliz Marie

In 1991 I had a boy. I gained 80lbs with him as my first pregnancy ( im 5"3). I lost 20 after delivery and no more for a year. When I went to dr he told me I have hypothyroidism. Take medicine everyday. Well being young, new mom and wife I forgot to take everyday. My second baby was 1994. I gained 70lbs. Again, lost 20 in hospital. This was bad. I stared excersizing, eating right and taking med, when I remembered. Feeling horrible everyday, just thought it was me. All these years gone by I used to get lightheaded, passout, than run to bathroom and secretion from both ends. this went on once a month right around menstration. Still I knew nothing about Thyroid issues I was adopted so my parents had no clue either. I had another child i 2002 and started out at 160 and gained 40lbs. Not bad right......One year after that I was sick, sick, sick, For two weeks I couldnt move, breath, walk, I lost 14lbs in 9 days. Dr checked thyroid it was 95. He actually said I should be dead. Now that under control, I have colitis, gastritis, and IBS (all related). I excersize every day for 30 min I weigh 146 I cannot eat alot of things for these disorders and now a gluten free diet was recommended, but I think it works agains the synthroid medicine. This really is emmotionally disturbing. What to do?

Eliz Marie
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Point Pleasant, NJ


Aug 13


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