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Hey Everyone! I am a 25-year-old former Toowoomba woman, a Year 1 teacher at St Bernard's Catholic School in Brisbane, joined the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge back in April.
I did it because I wanted to feel more confident in my own skin after struggling with low body self-esteem for most of my teenage years, continuing into my young adult life.

To me "It was never about losing weight,"
"It was about changing my diet and eating clean.
"As soon as I started it, I felt so much better. I think everyone can see how I feel on the inside too."
I toned up by following the Ashy Bines clean eating plan and exercise plan.
"It was so easy."
Now in the best shape of my life and glowing with confidence, Ientered the Ashy Bines Best Physical Transformation competition and is going head-to-head with women from all over Australia.

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Essex, CT USA


Jan 1

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