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Evangeline Torres Sled

I am a Filipino Canadian Immigrant. I am 5'2 and a hundred and 125 pounds. I recently wrote a six piece story on my mother and her overeating habits. I thought it was a problem, she's chubby and happy, and I didn't understand it. I'm way smaller than my mother, and frankly I still don't know how I feel about my weight. But what I do know from my research with my mother is that happiness is available to all sizes and not just to women who are a size zero.

Evangeline Torres Sled
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Evangeline T Sled


Milton, 0 Canada


Mar 22


From my late Dad that passed away from Colon Cancer: "You're lazy, but you're smart." Professor Guy Allen: "Don't say no to your worth, give them the opportunity to say no to you."

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