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I am 24 yrs old with 3 children from my previous marriage and as of now im pregnant by my fiancé. I have had sleep studies and found out I had sleep apnea I was using the mask machine but my insurance expired so I had to give it back. I had high blood pressure before as well. And it took me and my fiancé 2yrs to conceive the child I am now caring, during this pregnancy I have I am experiencing pain in my stomach when I have to use the ladies room. I don't feel like I have to use the restroom instead it just starts hurting I was at the hospital recently and was diagnosed with UTI (urinating Tract Infection) they prescribed me some pills for it but did some research online before I decided to take it and sure enough found that many women had miscarriage while taking the pills so my fiance and I decided I should not take it and wait till I get a doctor now keep in mind this was like 3 weeks ago I didn't have a doctor then.

Another thing I was born with clif lip pallet so I had many surgeries in my past, I always get ear and thoat infection at least 4 times a year. I have a huge problem hearing! So most of the time I try to avoid talking to people because to me sounds like their mumbling and it's really embarrassing asking them to repeat what they have said. I also avoid getting jobs that required me speaking to people due to my hearing problem :( I'm glad my fiancé is still with me even tho he knows about all my health problems.

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