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'Hearts on Fire' began by Glenn and Susan Rothman in 1996. Glenn had been a business owner in mind, so when he recognized the gemstone industry (namely gemstone diamond engagement rings), may be utilized right into a lucrative business design, he set his sights on understanding the gemstone trade. james allen review.

It had been in Antwerp, Belgium in 1996 that Glenn and the wife met with famous Belgian gemstone cutter, Van Blerk. At that time Van was focusing on a brand new type of gemstone cut for that Japanese market. Wanting to show the American's his new cut creation, Van Blerk set a gemstone inside a proportion scope and demonstrated the Rothman's the now infamous eight arrows and hearts. It had been now that the idea was created within Glenn plus they soon go about patenting the Hearts burning cut. Actually, the best secret to Hearts on Fire's success could be whittled lower to 1 key factor: Brand Awareness.

Rothman was a business owner in mind and utilized his early business understanding to his advantage. He understood when he desired to get anywhere inside the gemstone industry, he required to offer different things towards the average gemstone consumer. Functioning on the truth that many people are timid along with a bit insecure if this involves purchasing diamonds, he offered all of his Hearts burning diamonds having a laser written brand and serial number on each diamond's girdle. Furthermore, each stone could be supported with a certificate in the American Jewel Society (AGS) validating the greatest cut grade. In by doing this, all Hearts burning diamonds include the coveted ideal zero cut grade, further making certain security and confidence within the average gemstone buyer's mind.

Rothman's business sense compensated off. Since 1997 the Hearts burning brand keeps growing and innovate itself. Consumer's are extremely believing that Hearts burning is the very best gemstone that they're prepared to pay around $12,000 or even more per carat! However the querry is still...are Hearts burning the earth's most perfectly cut diamonds? Will they take advantage beautiful diamond engagement rings?

Hearts burning diamonds truly are very beautiful diamonds. However, same with William Goldberg's Ashoka gemstone, Tiffany's Lucida gemstone, and Lazare Kaplan's famous Lazare gemstone. Many of these diamonds are beautiful and every one of these diamond's are obscenely overpriced.

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