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Suffering from migraines since I was about 14. I am now about to turn 41 next Thursday, Nov. 3. I think I have hemapalic (sp?) migraines now. I have pain n numbness all down one side. I am usually down for a few days. I am tired of feeling this pain n numbness. I miss so much of my life cuz of these migraines. I seem to bruise easy...blood vessels break very easy..even just clapping my hands..and really no reason at all. I will find big places that will have a huge bruise like area but didn't hurt myself there. I am just tired. I have 3 children n a grandchild at home n I am missing life also with my husband. I take Topamax, Atenolol, Gabapentin, Verapamil n Lamictal. I also have vision problems, speech problems, memory loss n nausea. Sick n tired of being sick n tired.

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Osage City, KS USA


God, my family is everything to me, friends, antiques, cake decorating, photography..


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