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We recognize that addiction is a disease, of the mind, body and soul.

And although addiction and alcoholism can take you to some very low
points in life, we know you can climb from those depths with guidance understanding and support.
The Epiphany House uses evidence-based practices, with an engaging, fresh and interactive approach.
Integrating treatment, we marry the best practices for addiction with fundamentals of body, mind and wellness.
We believe recovery means a life worth living. Please check our sober house for more info's.

We love electronic music here at JustGo. We love DJ culture, mixing records, and hearing dirty beats blasted from huge sound systems.

But more than anything, we love that moment when a DJ manages to mould a wild crowd of moving individuals into one beautiful synchronised group using nothing but music.

That dancefloor connection is the true power of electronic music, and every day, we strive to build a platform that honours the awesome potential of dance music: connectivity.

Music is where we started. Social is where we make it going. Learn more, please visit us music marketing

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