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He tried to make her understand This event is very important That is to say someone told them to kill him Don't you know that the past has been erased since yesterday In the past if it could still exist it could only be in a few real things and there was no written explanation just like that glass lump The revolution and before the revolution we almost didn't know anything about it They have destroyed and altered all the records rewritten all the books repainted all the pictures renamed all the statues streets and buildings and changed all the dates This process is done every day and every day History has come to a halt Apart from the present which has no beginning and no end and which claims that the Party is always right there is nothing Of course I know they tampered with the past but I can't prove it not even when I did it Things are done and no evidence is left The only evidence is in my heart but I can't be sure that others can have such memories as mine Only once in my life years after it happened did I have a real piece of evidence "What good is that" "It's nothing good" After a few minutes I threw it away But if it had happened now I would have kept it "Hey I'm not staying!" Said Julia I'm not afraid of taking a risk but it's worth taking A couple of old newspapers I'm not Flavors and Fragrances doing it Even if you stay what can you do with it Maybe nothing can be done But this is evidence and if I dare to show it to others it will cast a little doubt I can't figure out what we've become in our lives But think about it where a small group of anti-Party people got together slowly increased and left some records so that the next generation could continue to work for us I don't care about the next generation my dear I only care about ourselves "You're a rebel from the waist down" he told her She thought it was witty and threw her arms around him with joy She has no interest in the details of the Party's theory When he spoke of the Ingsoc principle doublethink the alterable past the negation of objective reality and when he used the words of Newspeak she was bored and confused saying that she had never paid attention to these things Everyone knows it's all nonsense so why bother with them She only knows when to be happy and when to be sad and that's all people should know If he persisted in going on with the subject she would simply go to sleep which was a habit that made him helpless A person like her can really fall asleep at any time and anywhere Talking to her he learned how easy it was to pretend to be orthodox without understanding the meaning of orthodoxy It may be said that the Party's world outlook is the most successful when it is instilled into those who have no ability to understand it at all China Chemicals They are not afraid to accept the most blatant claims against reality because they have not yet understood how sinister the plans that shape them are They are indifferent to public affairs and do not pay attention to what is going on They don't have the ability to understand so they feel at ease They swallow what they are given in one mouthful and when they swallow it in this way they are unharmed because there is no residue left just as a grain passes through the stomach of a bird and is not digested at all Six It happened after all He received the message he was waiting for He felt that he had been waiting for this to happen all his life He was walking up the long corridor of the Ministry As he neared where Julia had slipped him the note he noticed that a man taller than himself was following him The man coughed lightly apparently about to speak Winston stopped short and turned round It was O'Brien They finally faced each other as if his only impulse was to run away His heart was pounding and he could not speak O'Brien went on however pressing Winston's arm with a friendly hand and they began walking side by side He spoke in a voice so low and humble that the inner party could hardly have done so "I've always wanted a chance to talk to you" he said I read your Newspeak article in The Times the other day You have some intellectual interest in Newspeak I suppose Winston got a little confidence back
"It's not academic" he said It's just a hobby This is not my major I never participated in the actual creation of the language 'But You write beautifully 'said O'Brien This is not my personal opinion I talked to a friend of yours recently He's an expert I can't remember his name for the moment Winston's heart was very sad again It was impossible to imagine that he was not talking about Syme but Household Chemicals about someone else But Sam was dead and destroyed and changed into an inhuman man Mention him and you will be in danger of losing your life O'Brien's words were a signal a code They were both involved in this little act of thoughtcrime; in so doing he made them accomplices They had been walking slowly in the corridor when O'Brien stopped He adjusted the spectacles on his nose as he habitually did in a strange unguarded friendly manner He went on In fact I want to say that in your article I noticed that you used two obsolete words However these two words have only recently been abolished Haven't you seen the tenth edition of the Newspeak Dictionary 'No 'said Winston I don't think the tenth edition is out yet Our General Administration of Records is still using the ninth edition Yes the tenth edition will not appear for several months But they sent out a couple of sample booklets and I have one Are you interested in seeing it 'Very Interested 'Winston understood at once' Some of the new developments are very clever Reduce the number of verbs I thought you might like that Let's see Send a correspondent to send the dictionary to you I'm afraid I can't remember this kind of thing Can you come to my house to pick it up when you are free Wait I'll give you the address 。 globalchemmall.com

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