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After years of abuse as the family scapegoat, and ending up in a marriage that is just another form of trying to "fix" old issues. My little girl wants freedom. The subconscious me married an actor who once married became my most controlling and sadistic relationship, except now I was bound by a covenant with God. Mental, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse is what has become our truth. I pray for God's mercy and healing. Abba my father please heal and restore my marriage by the power our covenant holds. Soften my husband's heart and heal us for our family's sake. Bind in Christs name the cruelty and neglect or release me from this slavery to a man who refuses to be the head and not the tail spiritually for our family. In Christ's name, Amen.

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Spanish Fort, AL United States


You have been put here and created to complete something special or the ten times God has kept you, you would have seen the end of your days.

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