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My health has been so-so. I have asthma since 5. I've had both ankle and feet problems since 7, then as I got to age 10, I needed to see a chiropractor twice a week for a year or more. Since 2000, My feet or ankles would go out on me, which started messing my ability to walk with out help. I use to walk everywhere when I was in my 30's to mid 40's, now that my lower back and disc's in my back are totally out of whack from the falling, I can barely if at all walk to a bus stop to catch a bus. I do o k in super markets and is able to zip through it pretty fast with pushing shopping cart, but anything else? Nope. My husband had to quit working in 2006 because of me falling. Our income went from $2500 a month to my $877 from SSI benifits. Thank God I have Section 8 housing otherwise me, my husband and now 20 yr old son whom has major health issues himself, Cardiomyopathy, which just happened last month. Plus my now my overweight husband who has been eating more and more food since he quit working, (weighed 170), now he's 210, 5ft 7, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pains three times weekly, he has a short temper and I've never seen anyone except a female who bitches, moans and complains about everything or anyone all the time plus he smokes cigarettes more then I. He did quit drinking almost 4 years ago. He did drugs and drank for 35 years. He still does the occasional drug 5 days a month plus it's the only time my son and I get some peace and much needed quiet. Plus he doesn't eat hardly anything, instead of making 7 or 8 trips to the kitchen at night and many during daylight hours 24/7. My son and him receive $347 a month in food stamps thank God, and between the two of them they eat most of it I have to hide any food and drinks to eat it when I get hungry otherwise they will eat it all and blame one another for eating it. Have to take a multi-vitamin to get the nutrients needed for my age 58. My husband , buys anything with my ssi money for himself or Christopher after all the bills are pd 1st , let alone the credit card or Fingerhut credit he has, which thank's to me is paid in full every month as well as rent, utilities and phone, cable and internet also paid in full every month. Anyway everything else is o k so far

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