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Integrative Health Centre aims to improve the standards of Naturopaths in Calgary and to promote the most effective and safe natural treatments. The primary goal of Naturopathy is to address the cause and accomplish this goal through treating the body, mind and spirit of a person. The clinic caters patients who have health concerns related to candida and yeast infections and low immunity symptoms and they have a selection of services for the patients to help them create a personalized treatment plan.

The Naturopathic clinic is headed by an experienced doctor which has a highly effective approach in treating chronic illnesses using naturopathic treatments and knows how to handle stress related illnesses, digestive disorders, allergies and mood related issues. Dr. Drobot is a doctor of Naturopathic medicine who is knowledgeable about Physiology, Anatomy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. They also offer Chiropractic medicine, acupuncture and specialized testing. Rest assured that the clinic can teach the patients about the balance healthcare and how to keep away from illnesses.

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