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When it comes to getting Tatkal tickets online, the task is often tougher and daunting. Thanks to the number of people who log in at the IRCTC site and keep trying bookings online and the limited number of seats available in this option. However, if you are still keen to book the Tatkal Railway Reservation online, you can have smarter tips and tricks to get these tickets for sure. Let’s check them out:

Check your ISP

When it comes to booking these tickets faster and better, avoid using the BSNL or MTNL internet connections as these are considered the most preferred service provider for the IRCTC website servers. In other words, you have heavy traffic, which can dilute the chances of getting these tickets.

Using different web browsers simultaneously

The second vital tip comes in the form of using multiple user accounts or simply borrows your friend’s account and then opens these in different web browsers like Mozilla, Chorme or Opera. This is because you are just allowed to book two Tatkal tickets at one time using a single ID, while the other browsers can be used to book the other tickets as well.

Synchronising your time and login before 10 am

Make sure you synchronise your computer clock with the IRCTC time since even a single minute delay could give you a waitlist as a majority of successful bookings could be carried out in just few minutes only. Try to login before 10 am usually at 9.55 am and do keep the session active by simply carry out the same activity since if you leave the screen idle for more than three minutes your session would expire, which would require you to login again.

Keep all the details at hand

When it comes to booking the Tatkal tickets, make sure you keep all the details including credit card number, ID card number, passenger details, etc handy- typed over notepad. Now, all you would need is to copy and paste the same as and when required in order to do things right and fast. It is always recommended to type the station code instead of the station names as this would save your time and increase the chances of booking tatkal tickets right on time. You can find out the station codes from the IRCTC site or other Indian railways portals.

Consider the Auto fill options in your web browser

The auto fill options can be used in your web browsers, which can be used via the add on or extension. This will save time in adding the tatkal tickets with greater speed and less amount of time while filling the passenger details if you are filling more than one passenger detail. In order to save the details in the autofill format, simply visit the IRCTC site before 10 am and go for simple booking (not tatkal). Now, fill all the details until you reach to the payment gateway option, now just cancel and leave. Now, you would find your browser remembering all the details, which can be added with just a
To book tatkal tickets online anywhere in India visit the site http://www.irtb.co.in/

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