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I began to feel fatigued and Flu like mid 2008. Then I began to put on a lot of weight
14 lbs a month every month I contacted my doctor after 4 months about the unexplained weight gain and the fatigue and flu like symptoms. I was also having muscle twitches so he sent me to see a neurologist. Thinking that I may Have MS. My breathing was becoming very labored. I found it very difficult to climb the stairs. I was also seeing an endocrine consultant as my cortisol levels were very high. I was having back to back pneumonia's so was under the care of a respiratory consultant. They preformed brain surgery as they thought that the high corisol levels were being caused by a pituitary tumor causing Cushing's disease. I was then diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2009. I was seriously ill for almost three years and spent all that time in hospital fighting various chest infections. I had aspergillus and candida in my lungs. I had neumorous IV antibiotics during that time. I was discharged in NOV 2014. I had gained over 140 lbs in that time and was very short of breath couldn't walk more than a few feet had awful joint and muscle pain and incredible fatigue . in spring of 2015 I saw an article on Mold Toxicity which made total sense so I started the mold avoidance diet probiotics glutethione and acetate L cartanine Which has made quite a difference I am making slow but steady progress and am in much less pain and can do a lot more activity without getting out of breath. I would say that I am about 40 - 50 % healed and am getting better everyday as long as I keep going in the right derection

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Dec 11

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