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My approach to a healthy lifestyle is lighthearted with the idea that I can connect to others through my comedic personality, fun life stories, fitness adventures, and clean food creations. (Also known as clean food experiments...) I find fun, interesting, fresh ways to reach out and inspire others. In the past I didn't have the most positive relationship with food and my body image so that old negative inner voice is a big personal motivator to instill good relationships with food for others. Being the oldest of three sisters all I want is to promote healthy body image and show others they are WORTH IT, to believe in themselves and strive for big goals and aspirations! I believe everyone can do what they set their mind too. Corny but true, I want to be that little online coach through my blog who shows others it's possible, to be okay with being them no matter what stage their at in healthy living no time is too soon or too late to start taking care of themselves.

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Jessica Smith


Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand


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