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I have been through a lot this past year with my health. I have been to the ER quite a bit for different thing some times the same. I have been hospitalized for the Flu three times(I did get the Flu shot), I was diagnosed with extreme vertigo 3x. I couldn't walk or eat. If I did I would pass out. When I ate I would through. I have been hospitalized for my asthma more than three times for not being able to breathe right. I have put on so much weight from different medications that I am not happy about. I have high blood pressure also and it affects me on and off as to which I have also been hospitalized. My doctor has taken me on and of high blood pressure meds the past 2 years. I also suffer from Rickets which causes lack of Vitamin D and Calcium to the bones. I suffer from arthritis and my bones are tender. So I have to be careful about falling. Having Rickets also causes weak and fragile teeth. Also my husband and I have one child and we have been trying since January to get pregnant and we have had no luck so far and we are both sad about that. But we are hoping and praying it will happen soon.

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Bridgeport, CT United States


Jul 31


Don't do to other that you would not like done to you.