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I had a total hysterectomy when I was 40. One year later I was putting on weight, had high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. How I WISH I had had more information before my family doctor/ob-gyn rushed me into surgery. As it turns out, I had lived a life with non symptomatic endometriosis. I never had problems with my monthly period, always on time, lasted 5-6 days, the most problems I had was maybe low back pain, which was relieved with aspirin. Prior to surgery I had had a very active sex life with my husband of 14yrs, after surgery everything changed. My skin, my health, my sexual responses changed.
I also found out later, thanks to Dr Judith Reichmans book, that I should not have been put on premarin immediately after surgery as any cells that were missed in surgery could be stimulated to grow again by the estrogen. How I wish I had gotten a 3rd opinion or even wish ONE doctor had even mentioned endo when I complained occasionally about severe pain during intercourse.
Now 61 I am still taking meds for hi blood pressure and cholesterol, but basically am healthy. I am hoping to learn more and urge any woman being told they MUST have this surgery to be SURE you do your research on WHY and that you are ok with it. It can change your life in ways that are not good.

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Sep 21


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