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Judith V

I am 62 and have endometriosis symptoms since age 15 which were debilitation and mostly gastrointestinal in nature. I was misdiagnosed at age 32 with "inactive" endometriosis. I have had 4 laparotomies and 8 laparoscopies, the last 2 were robotic in nature by an expert advanced GYN surgeon. I advocate for women with endometriosis because I have been the object of so many mistakes and I mentor women to go on the right path. I will support in crisis and go to doctors appointments and surgery. I have been disabled for 5 years with pelvic pain as well as spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I am now venturing a new path I hope with put my endometriosis to rest but I also know I may have malignant transformation of the endometriosis. I am tried of the crippling symptoms of endo and the mood swings. I have support from an earlier surgeon who answers questions and pointed me in the right direction in the type of surgeon I need to see, a gyn oncologist, in a specialty center.

Judith V
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Tucson, AZ USA


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