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I am 64,been over weight since I became 13years old.I lose 50 lbs ,gain50 or more pounds.I am diabetic 2. I have had two thirds of my thyroid removed and one parathyroid.My kidneys are being protected by a high blood pressure medication but,I do not have high blood pressure.I also take a colesterol pill.I am morbidly obease 5 foot one and 240.I have a lot of cramping (charlie horses) everywhere.I also have had ensophillia esopigitis and take nexuim for it .I am a caregiver for my husband,he has had brain damage from his heart for 8 years and I am an active grandmother.I was a Hairdresser for 40 years before becoming a caregiver.I have joint issues also.Everyone tells me lose weight,I need help with this,I am not consistant in losing. Oh,and I can't spell (sorry)

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FL Volusia


Sep 2


I'm OK your OK.

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