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About two years ago, when we hit financial struggles due to a wrong partnership, we lost everything, ended up on the streets with our 4 year old princess (her age at that time) for 30 days, until we were able to find a place to rent and start over.

That is when things started to turn for the worst for the both of us, as I hit rock bottom and that included my health, I ended up gaining up to 180 lbs, imagine, I an 5'2, I was a short ball...lol...plus that did not help...I had no energy, was mad, crying most of the time, antisocial and just living day to day and as much as I was trying to gain control and bring more energy into my life, so I can accomplish what I have set myself to accomplish, I had to make the change, adn the more I started to take control of my personal growth...it seemed to get further and further apart, as my husband stubbornness started to get worst, as he could not face the fact that we had lost it all, and we had to start from scratch, and that meant he had to get a job... that is when I had to pull myself back up during this last 2 years, so I can be able to be there for the 3 of us, like he was there for me, yet he has taking it too far, and thinks I criticize him, when I try to communicate with him by talking not fighting.

I have lost over 45 Lbs, and have managed to maintain it, I have incorporated daily exercise, meditation, journaling and reading 6 times a week, is a constant learning and implementing process to have the time work for me, and not the other way around. To have time for everyone, and everything that comes with being a women.
Now, the hubby is the one that has hit rock bottom, his attitude has gotten worst and believes his own lies...currently it seems, we are not on the same side, as I have learned to be grateful and happy no matter what, and hey I still have my days that I want to explode...then I remember... is not worth my time...reflect...forgive and keep moving... Since he is cuurently doing nothing, and has way too much time to think, even though he listens to personal development audios, he is still hard headed and only works with his beliefs...I know I cannot change him, and I do not intent to, yet how do I know when to draw the line, if he continues this way?

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Our path to transformation starts with our commitment to have a more meaningful life. - Ligia M. Houben

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