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Law Offices of David Eisenstein

Law Offices of David Eisenstein, with his 40 years of nationwide experience as a practicing lawyer with an emphasis on network marketing (MLM) litigation occupies a completely unique niche as a lawyer-mediator in direct sales disputes. He has participated in many Mlm mediation, emphasizing distributor wrongful termination suit mediations. In Direct sales dispute litigation is often a blunt tool as a sledgehammer. This is an effective means of resolving disputes in the direct sale disputes. There are some other ways which is known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) it includes arbitration and mediation. So these are strategies which are applied in resolving the certain cases of direct sale disputes. In the process of Distributor wrongful termination suit mediation counsel and client have to be discuss whether they want a agreement of settlement at all. If they want to settle they must discuss for what kind of agreement they want in what particulars and how to make it unassailable.

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