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I'm a mother of an awedsome two-year old little boy. It was hard to have him though. I saw many doctors and never got diagnosed with anything until I went to an infertilty specialist. She was awesome despite her initial assessment of my situation, she tested me for all kinds of things in relation to my reproductive system just to ease my mind and we both discovered that her initial assessment was actually inaccurate and within a year I was pregnant with my son. I suffered a miscarriage first and an infection but ultimately had my son..an unexpected thing might add. I am an overweight woman and every doctor I went to told me that my cycles would regulate if I just lost some weight. I was actually diagnosed with PCOS and it was affecting my ability to lose weight. Any ways there is more but I intend on asking questions and doing research on the rest and use the blogs to my advantage.

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Gallatin, TN


Nov 1

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