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Overall very good health, until I took hard fall running with my Malinois and shattered 1/2 the humeral head of left shoulder and broke left hip as well, April 23, 2011. Two titanium pins & a screw in femur & shoulder was put in a sling to let the bone fragments reabsorb for a few months. The pin in upper femur protrudes from bone and pokes into my IT Band on the outer thigh causing great pain. At 3 month visit sDr said it could be removed if it caused too much pain, eventually. Like, How long is that? The protrusion is causing tendinitis in IT Band which make my leg buckle now and then. Also, before accident, my left leg was 1/2" shorter than the right leg, now it's closer to 3/4". Dr wants to wait on starting Physical Therapy for gait and strengthening of leg. Next appointment is late Oct 2011. In last visit, 8/22/11, shoulder has healed, but one large bone fragment healed back to top of shoulder preventing my ability to lift arm up past shoulder height. Considering applying for Disability as I have no income since accident & have to bunk on my ex-husbands sofa until I can go back to work. I'm grateful for roof over my head but he is no more likable than he was 12 years ago when I divorced him!
Been on Effexor XR since 2006 and ativan for anxiety & depression.

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