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I live in Northern California on the Oregon border and I can NOT get a Dr. to help me! I have debilitating health concerns and I am even on disability. I have no diagnosis however? I know it has to due with hormones of some sort? I am told I have autoimmune issues but they don't know what it is. I have had 8 blood transfusions and iron infusions and I am such a witch I can't stand myself! I literally have been unable to function as I once did and have been house bound for the last 4 years. This is NOT me. I was a business owner mother of two & step mom to 5. I volunteered and almost finished my masters. I went through a bitter divorce lost my twin girls to their abuser & mine due to his financial and political status. I am NOT on any medications at all and my only option has been to try & treat myself at the local Co-Op with OTC vitamins, minerals & aromatherapy. I NEED HELP! I can NOT get anyone to help me & I can't take one more NO from my GP. We are so short of Dr.'S in this area I can't get in to anyone else but the one I have & he refuses to refer me to specialists other than my Oncologist who I was able to get into via my Gyno luckily. All other specialists require my GP to make the referral even a New Surgeon I am supposed to see to remove another huge tumor the local surgeon could not remove do to his lack of expertise. The surgeon he told me to see needs my GP to make the referral in order for my insurance to pay for this surgery. I have had 5 over the last two years due to the incompetently of the first surgeon who left an instrument inside of me and then non-dissolving stitches that were sucked out through a wound vac they had to use to close the wound because I was not healing. I am not exaggerating when I say I feel like I am dying & I don't have a Dr. who will help me. He is NOT qualified & knows nothing! He argued with me that your Spleen grows back! It doesn't! Mine was removed at age 17 along with many cysts on my ovaries. A comment in the surgeons report states "my sleep looks fine". I told my GP the surgeon didn't look because my spleen was removed. He tried to cover a colleagues hind end by stating "Your Spleen grows back". That is BS! Am I wrong anyone reading this? According to everything I have read it does not rejuvenate. Anyone have any ideas or referrals for me? I have disability insurance but I will cover the cost of a visit to someone if they will help save me.

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