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I'm arape survivor.I have water on the brain. I try to cope with fibromyalgia.I have factor-5.Right knee replacement:carpeltunnel on both hand twice.And just resently had a upper and lowwer colonoscopy,18 polyps removed,2 25 centmeters told me six weeks later to have contain cancer.Only the Doctor left half .Never called when he got the lab reports;I was told at a follow up! When I question him about ,He just says I'm obesy (I've lost over 116 lbs so far)Then says we'll do another sugery.I fired that Doctor ; and my family doc is looking for someone who may do it for free ,since we paid in advance.

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Advice from a Bison Stand your ground. Have a tough hide.Keep movingon. Cherish wide open spaces. Have a strng spirit. Roam wild and free Let the chips fall where they may!

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