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Recently, the medical press articles started to appear in which the writers declare that smoking can be used for protection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, a way of dementia, which impacts ten million seniors. Some believe that not only the introduction of genuine smoking, but regular tobacco prevent this sickness.
The scenario is identical with other serious thoughts sickness - Parkinson's sickness. It has been discovered that smoking exerts a valuable effect on the sufferers. Even after a single injection physicians mentioned they enhanced interest. After two several weeks of smoking patch use volunteers mentioned important improvement, which progressively disappeared after discontinuation of treatment.

Positive outcomes of smoking seen in other illnesses associated with psychological problems, such as schizophrenia and depressive problems. Some scientists even declare that smoking has the capability to destroy melanoma cells. Incidentally, this perspective is reflected in the rather odd recipe from melanoma, which featured a package of "Belomorkanal" and 50 % a glass of vodka.

Other sources declare that smoking has a favorable effect in this sickness such as irritable bowel, and even in many conditions. You can keep in thoughts about how the cigarettes online tobacco helped medication. After the first open in 1892 virus was the tobacco mosaic virus. And nothing about the significance of the invention of viruses to contemporary healthcare technology can not discuss.

Any fact inherent in the characteristics and way of life, mankind has tried to understand throughout their entire way of life. At first unconsciously and then knowingly comprehend its substance in a relationship with the outside globe. With the modifying seasons, as they gain encounter and information, beliefs about the globe in which we stay, and about personal instinct, never stand still, being dependent on the stage of the person, community and technology.
For the fact to be infallible in its substance, both temporary and individual of consciousness and often modifying, any representations.

Methods of learning and assessment over time modified all time. The cult of wisdom gained earliest to follow strictly medical ideas. Changed the techniques and methodology of information and knowing of the fact, producing, is not so unusual, skeptical attitude towards them.

For example, from the overall look of the historical Latin saying «In vine veritas» - fact in wine (in the sensation of the European saying - "that a sober thoughts, then drunk on language"), to a type of "refutation" of the spiritual King Solomon - «Innocens credit omni verbo »-« ingenuous faith in every word. " Later, the author of Gargantua and Pantagruel (1532), Francois Rabelais, quipped: "Do not believe, do not, but just keep in thoughts that individuals are decent, sensible individuals, believe everything they hear or study."

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