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If you are interested in the history of tour and want to seek some adventure stories then planning a trip to Korea can be great fun. Moreover, you can also enjoy visiting several destinations which are full of spectacular beauty, classic attractions and much more. Taking the Seoul city tour package is definitely a wise and wonderful idea which will make your trip worthwhile. Seoul is the capital of South Korea since 600 years. Soul has developed into a bustling metropolis which acts as a hub for socio, economic, political and cultural things. The river divides the city into two parts where the northern part is famous for culture and history and southern part is known for its business district. One can find ancient places and Royal Shrines of Joseon Dynasty.
Best attractions in Seoul:-
Taking the Seoul city tour package can help one to enjoy various attractions in Seoul. Taking the tour package is the most convenient way to explore about the city. Hiring a Seoul city tour bus is a good way to know more about the city attractions. The city center is located in the Seoul city where one can enjoy war memorials, art works, oignant exhibits, and the military equipments which is a classic place to learn about Korea’s history of war, and the display of tanks and airplanes is simply ideal for kids to enjoy and learn more about Korea. The Bukhansan National Park is popular for hiking. You will also see a lot of flora and fauna, ancient fortresses and temples.
DMZ Tour:-
One can enjoy DMZ tour package where DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone which divides the Korean Peninsula in North and South Korea. It runs along the 38th parallel North. It prevents direct military collisions. The line was established to control civilian access. The access to DMZ is strictly controlled. Visit to DMZ requires an ID proof, passport, other types of documentation, etc. Imjingak is located there where it exhibits various types of monuments and relics which is related to the Korean war. It is also known as Nuri Peace Park which has many sculpted artwork. The third tunnel is also famous for surprise attack which was done on Republic of Korea by North. The tunnel is 1.7 kilometers long, 2 meters high and 2 meters wide.
There are many other places like Dorasan Station which is located on the Gyeongui Line and one can view Southern limit line from there. Photos can be taken at some places where permitted. One can book for the best tour packages to enjoy a fascinating trip to Korea. So, book your trip today and explore the best places in Korea.

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