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I am 46 and i have had a headache and very sore ear since july of 09 i went to several doctors and
was told it was my sinuses, i went to another doctor and he did a ct scan and my sinuses were fine,
he sent me to someone else and he did an mri and an mra and finally discovered i have a benign
arachnoid cyst it is 7.8 x 3.2 cm he wants me to wait until january to see him again, in the mean
time i have had a really bad bout with a headache and the back of my head hurting and my ear in
great pain, i left a message with the doctor to see what he wants to do. i had never heard of this
before and i am trying to make a little sense out of what i am reading on it. i am a little concerned
about the surgery and i am also wondering if anyone has had alot of problems if the diets really do
work. i don't have any of that stuff listed on my profile except migraines, i misunderstood and thought i could just get info on it for family members and now i can't get it off

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