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Ninfa Carpenter

My name is Ninfa Carpenter. I live in Atlanta,Georgia. My life has never been easy. My first marriage ended very quickly. Then left to raise my son on my own. Enter Night College classes to improve my education. That what I was told all my life. My whole life I worked in the Financial Institutions.

It a learning experience I will never forget. My position working in financial institutions in 5 (five) different states, Texas, Colorado, South Carolina, Wyoming, and Georgia was Bankruptcy. It take a special person to deal with people that don't have money and people that know how to play the bankrupt system. It made me sick after thirteen years of dealing with people everyday that were sad, depress,sick, crazy, insane, and not happy. I woke every morning hating my job. I spoke with all different kind of people, old, young, college students, lawyers, single mothers, single fathers, and people that did not have any business having any debt at all.

One day in Jan. 23, 2003 I broke my knee. It took me 5 years to recope myself back to walk again. In 2003 my son was going to GSU College and gave me his computer and he bought a new one. He saw me everyday at home doing nothing but trying to regain my life back to normal. What is normal? Walk again, laugh again, and live again. My son Harley told me here MOM get on the Internet find something do and do it well.

I started looking for a home based business. My research took awhile. Everyone wanted money, money, money and more money. But, no one gave a solution to make money. This blew me away and like all of you out there. " I MADE MISTAKES" and "BIG MISTAKES". I believe everyone and anyone that said, make money. One day a website like this one came up out of nowhere. I kept reading, reading, reading and finally I decided to try this last home base business. If, did not work for me this time, I would call quits.

I am happy to tell all of you that this Home Based Business is a professional, organize, and most important the training is more than you can handle. This business in a box gave me more hope than anything else I ever seen. You will spend some money, but you make money in such a way that is never taught anywhere else. This company cares about me and how much I put into this business.

So, if you are willing to work daily, willing to use the tool wisely, willing to learn from Top Producers, and willing to become a leader. You are at the right place at the right time. You will make $$$, and You will be happy again.

I don't have to work with people in Bankruptcy any more. I don't have to worry where my next meal tickets come from, and all because this web site pop up of nowhere. How cool is it?

Ninfa Carpenter
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Atlanta, GA

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"Believe while others are doubting." William A Ward

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