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My cervical cancer has a different turn...my relatively easy LSIL pre cancer status has been allowed to progress to the point of HSIL High Grade CIN 11 severe to probable metatastic cancer...my neck lymph nodes are now involved and I am experiencing renal failure at this point.I have been to at least 10 different doctors, only to be turned away...the almighty dollar is the bottom line here...I qualified for the Federal coverage of cervical cancer but no doctor or hospital wants to take it due to Obama Care kicking in...doctors and hospital will NOT be paid as much with just my Medi-Cal coverage...2 doctors recently told me that if I had better coverage, they would give me better treatment!! In the meantime , I have been allowed to decline...Also, my cervical cancer is NOT caused by HPV, but by the drug DES which was given to my mother while she was carrying me...few doctors recognized this condition these days, and I have to inform them of it...this is a disgrace...I have waited for 60 days or more for referral appointments while I compete with others going in for routine paps as this spreads...Is this the state of our healthcare system??? if so, good luck to all...I won't live to see it..

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